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Title: Health insurance and lifestyles.
Authors: Tavares, Aida Isabel
Keywords: Lifestyles
Ex ante moral hazard
Propitious selection
Private health insurance
Multivariate probit
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Tavares, A.I. (2014). Health insurance and lifestyles. Applied Economics, 46 (16), 1910-1923. doi: 10.1080/00036846.2014.889803.
Abstract: This article contributes to the discussion surrounding the existence of ex ante moral hazard and propitious selection in a voluntary private health insurance scenario. Moreover, it provides an estimation of the determinants of lifestyle choices and of private health insurance demand. A multivariate probit is estimated for health insurance demand and lifestyle decisions to take into account the potential endogeneity of these decisions. The results indicate that there is evidence of ex ante moral hazard in deciding to do sports and eating healthy snacks. Hence, no propitious selection has been found for these decisions. Another relevant result shows that there is no individual heterogeneity for the lifestyle choices, except for smoking, and private health insurance choice. Evidence from the results also supports the idea that there are nonobservable variables playing a role in the lifestyle decisions. These results provide some directions for policymakers, such as the promotion of precautionary behaviours and the use of implicit lifestyle drivers to promote healthy choices by people.
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