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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Mar-2023Does digital media use contribute to decreased expressive language skills of pre-school-aged children? An exploratory study in Portuguese childrenMonteiro, Rita; Ferreira, Simão; Fernandes, Sandra; Rocha, Nuno
15-Mar-2023Teacher professional development in higher education: The impact of pedagogical training perceived by teachersFernandes, Sandra; Araújo, Alexandra M.; Miguel, Isabel; Abelha, Marta
1-Mar-2023Task demands and sentence reading comprehension among healthy older adults: The complementary roles of cognitive reserve and working memoryMartín-Aragoneses, María Teresa; Mejuto, Gema; Río, David del; Fernandes, Sara M.; Rodrigues, Pedro F. S.; López-Higes, Ramón
4-Jan-2023Editorial: Language across neurodevelopmental disordersFilipe, Marisa G.; Carvalhais, Lénia; Abbeduto, Leonard; Frota, Sónia
3-Aug-2021The Contribution of Word-, Sentence-, and Discourse-Level Abilities on Writing Performance: A 3-Year Longitudinal StudyCarvalhais, Lénia; Limpo, Teresa; Pereira, Luísa Álvares
17-Feb-2022Online versus classroom teaching: Impact on teacher and student relationship quality and quality of lifeVagos, Paula; Carvalhais, Lénia
15-Dec-2022Is age an issue? Psychosocial differences in perceived older workers’ work (un)adaptability, effectiveness, and workplace age discriminationHumboldt, Sofia von; Miguel, Isabel; Valentim, Joaquim Pires; Costa, Andrea; Low, Gail; Leal, Isabel
Oct-2022Psychometric properties of the ScreenQ for measuring digital media use in Portuguese young childrenMonteiro, Rita; Fernandes, Sandra; Hutton, John S.; Huang, Guixia; Ittenbach, Richard F.; Rocha, Nuno Barbosa
14-Jan-2022What do preschool teachers and parents think about the influence of screen-time exposure on children’s development? Challenges and opportunitiesMonteiro, Rita; Fernandes, Sandra; Rocha, Nuno
4-Aug-2022Children’s perspectives on using serious games as a complement to promoting their social–emotional skillsXavier, Ana; Vagos, Paula; Palmeira, Lara; Menezes, Paulo; Patrão, Bruno; Pereira, Sónia; Rocha, Vanessa; Mendes, Sofia; Tavares, Marta
6-Oct-2022The impact of COVID-19 on memory: Recognition for masked and unmasked facesGuerra, Natália; Pinto, Raquel; Mendes, Pedro S.; Rodrigues, Pedro F. S.; Albuquerque, Pedro B.
Sep-2022Personality and perceptions about the use of personal responsibility for illness as a health care rationing criteriaPinho, Micaela; Araújo, Alexandra M.
2015Attention and working memory in elderly: the influence of a distracting environmentRodrigues, Pedro F. S.; Pandeirada, Josefa N. S.
Jan-2016Morningness–eveningness preferences in Portuguese adolescents: Adaptation and psychometric validity of the H&O questionnaireRodrigues, Pedro F. S.; Pandeirada, Josefa N. S.; Marinho, Patrícia I.; Bem-haja, Pedro; Silva, Carlos F.; Ribeiro, Lígia; Fernandes, Natália Lisandra
Mar-2016Processos cognitivos visuoespaciais e ambiente visual circundante: implicações educacionaisRodrigues, Pedro F. S.
Jan-2018The trait anxiety scale for children: A validation study for European Portuguese children and adolescentsRodrigues, Pedro F. S.; Pandeirada, Josefa N. S.; Bem-Haja, Pedro; França, Joana
24-Aug-2018When visual stimulation of the surrounding environment affects children’s cognitive performanceRodrigues, Pedro F. S.; Pandeirada, Josefa N. S.
Jan-2019Assessing circadian preferences in Portuguese adolescents: development and preliminary validation of a reduced Morningness–Eveningness QuestionnaireRodrigues, Pedro F. S.; Pandeirada, Josefa N. S.; Bem-Haja, Pedro; Marinho, Patrícia I.; Fernandes, Natália Lisandra; Ribeiro, Lígia; Silva, Carlos F.
18-Mar-2021The effects of direct current stimulation and random noise stimulation on attention networksLema, Alberto; Carvalho, Sandra; Fregni, Felipe; Gonçalves, Óscar F.; Leite, Jorge
17-Jun-2022The psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Portugal: The role of personality traits and emotion regulation strategiesKluwe-Schiavon, Bruno; Zorzi, Lucas De; Meireles, Joana; Leite, Jorge; Sequeira, Henrique; Carvalho, Sandra
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 236