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Title: Producer liability for damages caused by the use of Tobacco.
Authors: Costa, Eva Dias
Keywords: Tobacco
Tobacco manufacturers
Public health
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Costa, E.D. (2012). Producer liability for damages caused by the use of Tobacco. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2 (15), 279-283.
Abstract: The fight against active and passive use of tobacco is one of the major health concerns of the present times. In Europe there have been yet only a few legal suits against tobacco manufacturers, filed usually by non- governmental or health and social security organizations claiming repayment of expenses with the treatment of affected smokers. 1 2 Private associations dedicated to prevent the use of tobacco and alcohol have recently won several judicial cases. For instance, the Service Nationel des Chemins de Fer 3 , in France, has been convicted and forced to pay damages for failure to enforce the law that prohibits smoking in public places. A French bank has also been forced to pay a considerable amount of money to the family of a bank employee, dead due to lung cancer, for disrespect of hygiene and security in the workplace regulations. (...)
ISSN: 2220-8488
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