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Title: Playing the succession game to ensure family business continuity
Authors: Jayantilal, Shital
Jorge, Silvia Ferreira
Bañegil Palacios, Tomás M.
Keywords: Family business
Issue Date: 19-Mar-2021
Citation: Jayantilal, S., Jorge, S., & Bañegil Palacios, T. (2021, March 19). Playing the succession game to ensure family business continuity. Disponível em: Repositório Institucional UPT.
Abstract: Family businesses are especially conflict-prone, since sibling rivalry and other emotional undercurrents sometimes cloud decision-making. One of the thorniest decisions is who will fill a founder’s shoes – especially if more than one family member wants the job. The costs of conflict can be high: consider the case of Reliance Industries, whose founder died without appointing a successor. His two sons fought so hard to succeed him that their mother had to split the company in two in order to save it. [...]
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