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Title: The Importance of the Brand to Promote Tourist Destinations: the Cases of Porto (Portugal) and La Paz (Bolivia)
Authors: Silva, Maria de Fátima
Albuquerque, Helena
Ramazanova, Makhabbat
Chavez, Georgina
Mariaca, Cecilia
Muñoz Reyes, Carolina
Keywords: City brand
Tourist destinations
Visual identity
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2022
Publisher: EasyChair
Citation: Silva, M. F., Albuquerque, H., Ramazanova, M., Chavez, G., Mariaca, C., & Muñoz Reyes, C. (2022). The Importance of the Brand to Promote Tourist Destinations: the Cases of Porto (Portugal) and La Paz (Bolivia). (Preprint n.º 9039, pp. 1-12). EasyChair. Repositório Institucional UPT.
Abstract: Destinations brands have a huge impact in tourism sector, since it allows to identify the most important valuable items for these destinations in terms of cultural, historical and touristic perspectives. In this way, this article dis-cusses the importance of the brands to promote tourist sustainable destina-tions, comparing two case studies: the city of Porto (Portugal), and the city of La Paz (Bolivia). This study was conducted using secondary data sources through the bibliographic review of scientific articles, websites containing information of Porto and La Paz cities brands, its elaboration, meaning and value. Through this analysis, it was possible to conclude that both brands highlight in a simplified and abstract way the symbolic richness of the cities, one mostly through the architecture and cultural heritage of the city and the other one more directed at the natural wealth and also the cultural heritage.
Description: Aguarda publicação.
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