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Title: The complex interface between healthcare resource allocation and ethics [abstract]
Other Titles: A complexa interface entre alocação de recursos em saúde e ética
Authors: Pinho, Micaela
Keywords: Resource allocation
Health ethics
Distributive principles
Attitudes of healthcare
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Escola Superior de Saúde de Viseu
Citation: Pinho, M. (2019). The complex interface between healthcare resource allocation and ethics [abstract]. In Projeto Mais Saúde Mental; R. Martins, D. Silva, J. Costa, O. Ribeiro, C. Albuquerque, & I. Bica (Coord. Ed.), Livro de Resumos do I Congresso Internacional Qualidade de Vida, Cidadania e Saúde Mental e V Congresso de Educação para a Saúde, 21-22 junho 2019, (p. 53). Escola Superior de Saúde de Viseu. Repositório Institucional UPT.
Abstract: In a period of generalized pressures to reduce budgetary deficits, restrictions on the financing of the health sector are very common. Therefore, healthcare professionals begin to realize that resources are not enough for the needs, compelling them to make almost never easy decisions. Judgments about, which patient to treat implies several complex trade-offs and raise many ethical issues.
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ISBN: 978-989-99603-7-4 (Electronic)
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