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Title: Outbound tourism demand in Central Asia: A gravity model applied approach
Authors: Ibragimov, Khusen
Marques, Jorge
Keywords: Outbound tourism
Gravity model
Tourism determinants
Central Asia
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Detay Yayincilik
Citation: Ibragimov, K., & Marques, J. (2022). Outbound tourism demand in Central Asia: A gravity model applied approach. In S. Harman, K. Çakar, & S. Yigit (Eds.), International Mesopotamia Tourism Congress: Cultural and Religious Tourism: Proceedings Book (IMTCI 2021), Ankara, Turkey, 27-28 november 2021 (pp. 63-66). Repositório Institucional UPT.
Abstract: Tourism has become one of the major socio-economic drivers in Central Asia over the past decade. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, in 2019 tourism shares 5.4% of the total economy, generating 1.53 million jobs and 5.1 USD billion revenues by tourism receipts in Central Asia (WTTC, 2021). Outbound tourism demand in Central increased significantly from 21 thousand in 1995 to over 24 million in 2019 (UNWTO, 2019). There have been no detailed investigations of outbound tourism demand in Central Asia. [...]
ISBN: 978-605-254-593-5
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