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Title: Local Seismic Culture in Portugal: Melides dwellings, a reactive approach case study
Authors: Gomes, Filipa
Correia, Mariana
Carlos, G. Duarte
Keywords: local seismic culture
reactive approach
Vernacular architecture
case study
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: CRC Press
Citation: Gomes, F., Correia, M., Carlos, G. D., & Viana, D. (2015). Local Seismic Culture in Portugal: Melides dwellings, a reactive approach case study. In C. Mileto, F. Vegas López-Manzanares , L. García Soriano, & V. Cristini (Eds.), Vernacular Architecture: Towards a Sustainable Future (pp. 339-342). CRC Press. Repositório Institucional UPT.
Abstract: Vernacular architecture has outstanding examples on the adoption of strategies for the improvement of structural building performance and construction systems, but also on the application of reinforcement measures. Special cases that combine local building culture, with structural poor materials and a history of low-medium regular seismic activity are suitable case studies that can provide interest- ing seismic-resistant strategies within the above-mentioned concept. This paper addresses Melides case study, located in the Southwest Coast of Portugal. The research is developed under the framework of the FCT project ‘SEISMIC-V: Vernacular Seismic Culture in Portugal’, which consists on identifying seismic resistant strategies and elements that can be recognised in Portuguese vernacular heritage. Even, if some of the identified case studies have no longer active building cultures, the overall study of their legacy dem- onstrates a wide range of approaches, rich in solutions of prevention and/or reaction approach.
ISBN: 978-1-138-02682-7
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