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Title: Stream-based explainable recommendations via blockchain profiling
Authors: Leal, Fátima
Veloso, Bruno
Malheiro, Benedita
Burguillo, Juan C.
Chis, Adriana E.
González-Vélez, Horacio
Keywords: Recommendation systems
Data streams
Historical profiling
Intelligent information systems
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: IOS Press
Citation: Leal, F., Veloso, B., Malheiro, B., Burguillo, J. C., Chis, A. E., & González-Vélez, H. (2022). Stream-based explainable recommendations via blockchain profiling. Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering, 29(2022), 105-121. doi: 10.3233/ICA-210668. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: Explainable recommendations enable users to understand why certain items are suggested and, ultimately, nurture system transparency, trustworthiness, and confidence. Large crowdsourcing recommendation systems ought to crucially promote authenticity and transparency of recommendations. To address such challenge, this paper proposes the use of stream-based explainable recommendations via blockchain profiling. Our contribution relies on chained historical data to improve the quality and transparency of online collaborative recommendation filters – Memory-based and Model-based – using, as use cases, data streamed from two large tourism crowdsourcing platforms, namely Expedia and TripAdvisor. Building historical trust-based models of raters, our method is implemented as an external module and integrated with the collaborative filter through a post-recommendation component. The inter-user trust profiling history, traceability and authenticity are ensured by blockchain, since these profiles are stored as a smart contract in a private Ethereum network. Our empirical evaluation with HotelExpedia and Tripadvisor has consistently shown the positive impact of blockchain-based profiling on the quality (measured as recall) and transparency (determined via explanations) of recommendations.
ISSN: 1069-2509
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