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Title: Neoliberal governance and Vernacular Building Systems: The case of Spain
Authors: Alcindor, Mónica
Keywords: Neo-liberalism
Construction governance
Vernacular building systems
Issue Date: Aug-2021
Citation: Alcindor, M. (2021). Neoliberal governance and Vernacular Building Systems. In Conference Proceedings of the international conference on Earthen and wood vernacular heritage and climate change (ICOMOS2021), Lund, Sweden, 29th-30th August 2021 (pp. 162-167). Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: This paper claims that increasing neoliberal forms of governance are found in construction systems in Spain. This fact becomes especially problematic when addressing vernacular construction systems. Both policy and technological management are becoming more focused on the consolidation of “expert systems”, and less on a 'different' and particular vernacular system; and thus shaping both mind and action. The empirical evidence presented throughout this paper is based on an ethnographic approach in Catalonia, allowing a further investigation on the complexity of the most common building systems. Material collected from empirical research on local construction vernacular systems shows how the functioning of a distinct set of managing 'technologies' - embedded in specific practices such as auditing - is instrumental and enables shaping local constructive practices. Under the current conditions, even local aspects are deeply penetrated and outlined by social influences generated by a great distance between them. This has a significant impact on vernacular building systems, as they have been being diluted, when not erased.
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