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Title: Profile of Thermal Spas users: comparative analysis between Portugal and Hungary
Authors: Quintela, Joana
Costa, Carlos
Correia, Anabela
Keywords: Health and wellness tourism
Thermal spas
Sociodemographic profile
Comparative analysis
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: ISAG - European Business School
Citation: Quintela, J., Costa, C., & Correia, A. (2021). Profile of Thermal Spas users: comparative analysis between Portugal and Hungary. In A. P. Borges, & E. Vieira, Proceedings of the International Workshop Tourism and Hospitality Management (IWTHM 2021). Porto, 7 Maio 2021, (pp.437-440). Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: Portugal is a country characterized by the existence of several hot springs with different characteristics regarding the curative properties of the waters. These resources are distributed along the territory, with a major concentration on the Northern and Central regions of the country. Hungary also constitutes a privileged destination for the practice of Health and Wellness Tourism, due to the abundance of hot springs, having a rich bath and spa tradition, with the combined influence of Roman and Ottoman rule. For these reasons, health and wellness is considered a strategic product for tourism development of both destinations.
ISBN: 978-989-54164-3-1
ISSN: 2184-5514
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