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Title: It's the Mindset, Not the Technology
Authors: Cayolla, Ricardo
Sonsoles, Martin
Malone, Chris
Keywords: Consulting
Consumer-Brand Relationship
New Paradigm
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation: Cayolla, R., Martín, S., & Malone, C. (2021). It’s the Mindset, Not the Technology. In: S. M. C. Loureiro, J. Guerreiro (eds.), Handbook of Research on Developing a Post-Pandemic Paradigm for Virtual Technologies in Higher Education (pp. 300–313). ISBN: 9781799869634. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: The consulting world employs millions of people and moves billions of dollars around the world. The high number of mobile phones, coupled with the fact that more than half the world is online, leads to a new paradigm in the way we think and behave as consumers. The appearance of COVID-19 is forcing all areas to urgently rethink their educational offer. The consultancy area is not immune to this “tsunami.” Spain was one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, as well as by the measures adopted in response to COVID-19, with very serious economic, financial, and social consequences. This chapter's focus will be on Grass Roots Spain, a consulting company, and on the way it adapted its business model as a result of the pandemic crisis.
ISBN: 9781799869634
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