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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The traditional cultural landscape of Pico Island and its vernacular architecture, PortugalCarlos, Gilberto Duarte; Correia, Mariana; Sousa, Goreti; Alcindor, Mónica; Florentino, Rui; Bermudez, Teresa; Costa, Manuel P.
2021The importance of creativity in vernacular heritageCarlos, Gilberto Duarte; Correia, Mariana; Simão, Emília
2021Discovering vernacular heritage and its tangible dimensionsCarlos, Gilberto Duarte; Correia, Mariana; Dipasquale, Letizia; Mecca, Saverio
2021Crossing dimensions and components in vernacular architecture researchCorreia, Mariana; Carlos, Gilberto Duarte; Vicente, José; Correia, Teresa; Rocha e Sousa, Sandra
2021Communication and dissemination of vernacular heritageCorreia, Mariana; Carlos, Gilberto Duarte; Dipasquale, Letizia; Mecca, Saverio; Vicente, José; Correia, Teresa
2021Living and virtual visiting European World Heritage: An overviewCorreia, Mariana
2021Vernacular and earthen architecture at the core of local knowledge research: a quality partnership with successful outcomesCorreia, Mariana; Carlos, Gilberto Duarte; Dipasquale, Letizia; Mecca, Saverio; Mileto, Camilla; Vegas, Fernando
2019Vernacular architecture in Portugal: Regional variationsSimões, Rui Nogueira; Cabral, Inês; Barros, Fernando Cerqueira; Carlos, Gilberto D.; Correia, Mariana; Marques, Bruno; Guedes, Manuel Correia
24-Jul-2020Preventive conservation of vernacular adobe heritage located in seismic-prone regionsSadeghi, Neda H.; Correia, Mariana; Oliveira, Daniel; Azizi-Bondarabadi, Hamed
Sep-2020Water-risk management in Tchogha Zanbil World Heritage Site in Iran, with a focus on the Ancient Management SystemNakhaei, Manuel P.; Correia, Mariana