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Title: Migration, multiculturalism, human rights and the paradigm in the actual international politics (re)action
Authors: Campina, Ana
Rodrigues, Carlos
Keywords: Human Rights
International Politics
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Campina, A, & Rodrigues, C. (2020). Migration, multiculturalism, human rights and the paradigm in the actual international politics (re)action. International Journal on Lifelong Education and Leadership, 6(2), 1-12. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: 2020 has been an unquestionable challenge for the Humanity and the world course that was decided based in a completely unknown future. The enemy – the virus – is invisible but the worst and more aggressive threat to the Human Being. There is no medicine or treatments against the COVID-19 and there are no real expectations to find it in the near future. The world numbers of the Human Beings death and infected by the SARS-COV are serious and obliged a never known full world stop. The Humans were mostly afraid and impotent to fight with this dangerous virus; the politicians mostly connected to combat the immediately Public Health and try to answer the needs of the millions affected, directly or indirectly; the economies full stopped, crashing; the companies and institutions – private and public – without conditions to combat and break their immediately needs. The world faced one of the most serious and difficult challenge in the Contemporary History, and it is being designed a New World Order. Concerning the political reply to this unexpectable and serious context, the States and International Organizations were working together, however, there are a completely different politic answer and (re)action in different States America.
ISSN: 2458-911X
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