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dc.contributor.authorSobral, Sónia Rolland-
dc.identifier.citationSobral, S. R. (2020, Outubro). Online teaching principles. Comunicação oral apresentada no Erasmus Teaching Week Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU). Crete, Greece. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
dc.descriptionResumo de comunicação oral em conferência, sem publicação.pt_PT
dc.description.abstractDistance learning is planned teaching-learning that presupposes physical distance (and eventually temporal distance). There are several names to designate distance learning through the internet: the electronic model (e-learning), the blended or mixed face-to-face and distance model (b-learning), the version with mobile devices (m-learning) and several others (x-learning?). The advantages are clear: students can learn at their own pace and wherever they want without having to go to school. This allows a Portuguese person to attend a course in the United States, or a Greek student to attend a separate course in China. [...]pt_PT
dc.titleOnline teaching principlespt_PT
degois.publication.titleErasmus Teaching Week Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU)pt_PT
degois.publication.locationCrete, Gréciapt_PT
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