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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020Social media applied to tourism and hospitality: The case of hotels in the Metropolitan Area of Porto, PortugalPacheco, Luís Miguel; Moreira, Fernando
Feb-2020The subjective well-being of Portuguese children in foster care, residential care and children living with their families: Challenges and implications for a child care system still focused on institutionalizationDelgado, Paulo; Carvalho, João M. S.; Montserrat, Carme; Llosada-Gistau, Joan
2020An educational approach for present and future of Digital Transformation in Portuguese organizationsSantos-Pereira, Carla; Durão, Natércia; Fonseca, David; Ferreira, Maria João; Moreira, Fernando
2020The Indian tax system as a fact of competitivenessAldeia, Susana
2020Spanish societies' tax law and the fiscal adjustments to the accounting expenseAldeia, Susana
21-Jan-2020Lean Management: Como é que a comunidade académica o tem estudado?Lima, Antonieta, orientador científico; Maldonado, Isabel, orientador científico; Nogueira, Elisabete dos Santos
Feb-2020Can mass media be an obstacle to rationing decisions? A case report from PortugalPinho, Micaela; Costa, Eva Dias
11-Mar-2020O marketing e a comunicação em eventos: o caso DDC SamsysFerreira, Pedro, orientador científico; Sá, Teresa Catarina Barbosa de
26-Mar-2020The dividend puzzle: Testing the signalling hypothesis in an European contextLobão, Júlio; Pacheco, Luís Miguel; Lajas, Tiago
2020Earnings management phenomenonAldeia, Susana