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Title: Educational proposals for an environmental Ethics
Authors: Reis, Carlos Sousa
Formosinho, Maria das Dores
Keywords: Environment
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2019
Citation: Rei̇s, C. S, & Formosi̇nho, M. (2019). Educational proposals for an environmental Ethics. International Journal on Lifelong Education and Leadership, 5(2), 11-19. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: The authors discuss how the current ecological imbalance became a widespread concern, referring to the non-compliance with international and national conventions that induced the understanding of a global co-responsibility in finding a planetary solution. It is also analyzed how environmental ethics came to enshrine non-human rights, while transmuting the demand of human solidarity to the various inhabitants from the multiple ecosystems, thus stressing the importance of a collective incumbency towards Nature. Furthermore, they analyze why such ecological co-responsibility requires an educational response pointing to a values´ sharing process, which invites to a change in the field of economic growth and societal development. As authors try to show, it is, therefore, wise to strive for developing an ingrained concern regarding environmental issues, namely, sustainability, relying on education to promote a teleological sense.
ISSN: e-ISSN 2458-911X
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