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Title: Human and fundamental rights, diversity and integration within education system in EU: Paradigma(s)
Authors: Campina, Ana
Silva, Maria Manuela Magalhães
Keywords: Rights
Integration policies
Education for diversity
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2019
Publisher: ICLEL Conferences and Sakarya University Faculty of Education
Citation: Campina, A., & Silva, M. M. M. (2019). Human and fundamental rights, diversity and integration within education system in EU: Paradigma(s). In O. Titrek, F. Ahmadov, & G. Sezen-Gultekin (Eds.), Conference Proceedings Book of the 5th International Conference on Lifelong Education and Leadership for All (ICLEL 2019): Topic: Economical Sides of Lifelong Education and Sustainability, Baku, Azerbaijan, 9-11 july 2019 (pp. 164-170). Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: The education in nowadays European legal structure and strategic political context/action(s), as well as, within the UN System advocates the unquestionable respect for differences, quality and equal opportunities for "all". The social, economic, ethnic, cultural or religion characteristics of the educational structures, for students and teacher/professors, should be considered as a "natural wealth". It's important to state that education system should reconize the differences and develop a team work to promote the diversity in the pursuit of the guaranty of the equality in access, in the study stay as in the results, ensuring the teaching, the learning and the human strategies and resources conducting to the future society based on the promotion and defense of Human Rights in general, and in the European Fundamental Rights, in particularly.
ISBN: 978-605-66495-7-8
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