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Titel: Challenges of digital and teacher training
Autoren: Barbosa, Gabriela
Aguiar, Ana
Stichwörter: Training
Erscheinungsdatum: Dez-2018
Herausgeber: The Asian Institute of Research
Zitierform: Barbosa, G., & Aguiar, A. (2018). Challenges of digital and teacher training. Education Quarterly Reviews, 1(2), 131-140. doi: 10.31014/aior.1993.01.01.14. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Zusammenfassung: The broad development of digital technologies (TD) and their ubiquity in actual students are factors that cannot be ignored by the school and teacher. The present students were born in the digital era and wish to find in school rich environments in technology, meeting motivations. It is a school's commitment to ensure and to promote quality and expectations in teaching. It is hoped that teacher organize his pedagogical practice in a coherent and balanced process, using digital as a resource to improve the learning environment. The research shows that a factor influencing teachers' adoption of TD results from the technological experiences included in training programs. Therefore, this study examine how teachers integrate TD in pedagogical practice and how initial or continuing training programs influence this use. The study involved primary school teachers and finalist students of master's degrees in education, and was restricted to TD in the Portuguese class. For data collection, we used online questionnaire survey and interviews. The conclusions highlight how teachers' learning influences the effective integration of TD in class. There is a need for a profound didactic-pedagogical intervention in the initial and continuing teacher training programs, including the knowledge in using TD in school learning.
ISSN: 2621-5799
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