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Title: Tourism potential of castreja culture from the north-western Iberian Peninsula
Authors: Silva, Maria de Fátima
Keywords: Archaeological tourism
Castreja Culture
Saunas with Pedra Formosa
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Silva, M. F. (2019). Tourism potential of castreja culture from the north-western Iberian Peninsula. Turystyka Kulturowa, 1, 123-141. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: In this paper we clarify some considerations about the enhancement of archaeological heritage of the hillforts or castros from the castreja culture of the Iron Age, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (north of Portugal and Galicia). Some ideas and reflexions, regarding the aspects considered relevant at the time of elaborating enhancement projects for this kind of heritage are included, with the aim of improving its sustainability and capacity of being of interest for both the general public and for cultural or archaeological tourism. In this sense, we sumarise the results obtained in the rehabilitation projects for some of the hillforts that are located in the north of Portugal, including some bath-saunas with ovens. The Pedra Formosa (beautiful stone) structures of these hillforts are also briefly mentioned. Finally, we present some possible archaeological tourism routes.
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