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Title: Performance appraisal of higher education teachers’ in information systems and technology: Models, practices and effects
Authors: Ferreira-Oliveira, Ana Teresa
Fernandes, Sandra
Santos, Joana
Keywords: Teacher evaluation
Quality standards
European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Ferreira-Oliveira, A. T., Fernandes, S., & Santos, J. (2018). Performance appraisal of higher education teachers’ in information systems and technology: Models, practices and effects. In Á. Rocha, H. Adeli, L. Reis, S. Costanzo (Eds.), Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies. WorldCIST'18 2018. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (vol. 747, pp. 399–404). Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: Despite the increasing awareness of the relevance of technologies to various life domains and environments, its application to research on Information Systems and Technology Teachers’ Evaluation in Higher Education is still very limited. The IT sector has special characteristics, such as the high employability rates that are very relevant to integrate in the discussion about the teachers’ performance appraisal. Universities need to reflect about the retention of teachers with good and competitive performance appraisal systems. Also, performance appraisal models had been suffering a change in its theoretical and empirical relevance towards a process-based approach. This short paper presents a work in progress that intends to analyse the state of the art on teacher evaluation in Higher Education, specifically on Information Systems and Technology Teachers’, review national and international teacher evaluation frameworks in Higher Education, identify the main principles and assumptions underlying teacher evaluation models in Higher Education and characterize the existing models and practices of teacher evaluation, at national and international level, their main results and conclusions.
ISBN: 978-3-319-77699-6
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