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Title: E-skills are Really Critical to E-learning Success?
Authors: Jesus, Rui
Moreira, Fernando
Keywords: E-skills
Electronic learning
ICT skills
Health higher education
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Jesus, R., & Moreira, F. (2008). E-skills are Really Critical to E-learning Success? In Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference e-Learning, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July, (pp. 192-199). Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: In the current literature there is emphasis that learners’ ICT skills are critical to e-learning success (named e-skills in the context of this paper). Can this imply that more tech savvy students are best suited to get the top grades in e-learning? Or e-learning can help to close the gap between more tech savvy and less tech savvy students? In the context of this paper, the term “tech savvy” is applied to a user that operates well with information technology. The aim of this study was to discuss how the e-skills of health university students can influence their results in a blended-learning course on conducting research projects. The research was based on a case study conducted in a Portuguese private polytechnic school, with undergraduate health students which initiated their first year of higher education in 2007/2008. The data collection methods included the course’s assessment ratings and a survey answered by the students at the end of the experiment. The findings suggested that, when the students have a minimum set of e-skills, the use of e-learning tools, such as lessons’ screencasts and an online learning environment (based on a Moodle platform), can capitalize on those skills to level less tech savvy and more tech savvy students. The study contributes to our understanding that blended learning seems to be the best modality of e-learning in order to increase e-skills among less tech savvy students.
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