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Title: Da massificação à Individualização da comunicação
Authors: Pereira, Manuel
Keywords: Strategic communication, collective involvement, efficiency, organizational success
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Aletheia
Citation: Pereira, M. (2010). Da massificação à Individualização da comunicação. In A. S. Silva, J. C. Martins, L. Magalhães, M. Gonçalves, Comunicação, Cognição e Media. Ed. Aletheia.
Abstract: Strategic communication is characterized by a series of planned, well-defined and structured to achieve an overall goal of an organization. To build a strategy is necessary to have information from competing organizations in relation to their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. One of the differentiating factors of the organizations is the ability to listen, observe and feel the concerns, trends, taking into account an added value for all stakeholders. In this regard, organizations should enhance the capacity building of employees, motivating and encouraging creativity, building new models of thought to, in a strategic way, to learn continuously in pursuit of organizational success.
ISBN: 978-972-697-195-5
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