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dc.contributor.authorPinho, Micaela-
dc.identifier.citationPinho, M. (2008). Fórum: Racionamento dos cuidados de saúde: Problemática inerente. Cadernos de Saúde Pública 24(3), 690-695. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
dc.description.abstractLimited resources in the health sector force a process of choice between alternative health care programs and services and patients or groups of patients who will receive care. In the absence of a price mechanism, the priority-setting process serves to allocate scarce resources among competing uses, and is thus a form of rationing. Traditionally, implicit approaches have dominated the health sector’s decision-making, mostly by physicians. However, in the face of increasing budget constraints and rising patient expectations, more explicit and socially acceptable priority- setting practices are needed. Internationally, the development of explicit prioritization has proven difficult and controversial.pt_PT
dc.subjectFinancial resources in healthpt_PT
dc.subjectHealth prioritiespt_PT
dc.subjectHealth systemspt_PT
dc.subjectHealth planningpt_PT
dc.titleFórum: Racionamento dos cuidados de saúde: Problemática inerentept_PT
dc.title.alternativeRationing health care services: an inherent issuept_PT
degois.publication.titleCadernos de Saúde Públicapt_PT
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