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Title: Higher education in Portugal: From expansion to quality assessment
Authors: Reis, Carlos Sousa
Formosinho, Maria das Dores
Costa-Lobo, Cristina
Keywords: Higher education
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Reis, C.S., Formosinho, M., Costa-Lobo, C. (2014). Higher education in Portugal: From expansion to quality assessment. TOJNED: The Online Journal of New Horizons in Education, 4(4), 44-53. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: After presenting a brief description of the Portuguese higher education evolution, since 1974 to the present day, and providing the indispensable legal framework, we discuss its structure, highlighting the actual binary nature that includes universities and polytechnics, public and private. Crucial statistics about the subsystems and the actual study programmes are also given. Finally we present the Portuguese Agency (a.k.a. A3ES) responsible for the assessment and accreditation of the study programmes imparted by Portuguese HEIS. An overview of the work carried out so far by the Agency and its assessment model is also presented.
ISSN: 2146-7374
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