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Title: Análise de investimentos do ponto de vista das multinacionais em África: O caso de Angola
Authors: Soares, Vasco Jorge Salazar, orientador científico
Pimenta, Wilson Azenildo Aurélio
Keywords: Investimento Direto Estrangeiro (IDE)
Multinacionais em África
Caso de Angola
Foreign investment direct
Multinationals in Africa
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Publisher: Universidade Portucalense
Citation: Pimenta, W. A. A. (2013). Análise de investimentos do ponto de vista das multinacionais em África: O caso de Angola. (Dissertação de Mestrado), Universidade Portucalense, Portugal. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: The research topic is on investment analysis from the point of view of multinationals in Africa, the case of Angola, based on the following objectives: to present the support of the existing literature on FDI, starting with skewers General IDE connected to the main concepts of historical several authors who turned to the subject, show that Angola is a country that attracts more FDI in Africa and that the oil sector is what has most contributed to GDP growth, and consequently these two objectives are linked to decreased risk of investments due to the business environment and the laws in force in Angola which has been the subject of particular attention by Angolan State. Presenting the results achieved statistical NEMs in Angola in order to test some aspects presented in the literature for better understanding of FDI in Angola.
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