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dc.contributor.authorPeixoto, Nuno-
dc.contributor.authorSobral, Sónia Rolland-
dc.identifier.citationPeixoto, N. M. C., & Sobral, S. R. (2014). Model Validation Tools Web X. 0 in Teaching and Learning. In Advances in Educational Technologies (pp. 34-39).pt
dc.description.abstractIt is important to adapt current teaching methods to the new information society and knowledge dominated by digital technologies. The so-called traditional teaching methods and teachers need to readjust to this new reality. This will necessarily be by the use of the Internet and web tools systematically manipulated by the new digital society students. With this article we intend to create a model based on validation parameters carefully selected by the authors in previous studies, which to judge the degree of functionality in the teaching- learning of the five most used web tools in Portugal. The model will allow in future research to assess the degree of functionality of web tools preferably used either by teachers or by students, enabling the use of these more efficient and profitable in the learning process of
dc.subjectWeb toolspt
dc.titleModel validation tools web X.0 in teaching and
degois.publication.firstPagep. 34pt
degois.publication.lastPagep. 39pt
degois.publication.title18th International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and
degois.publication.locationSantonini, Greecept
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