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Title: Applying consumer behavior theory and grand models to attendees’ behavior in conference industry
Authors: Malek, Anahita
Mohamed, Badaruddin
Keywords: Event Marketing
Grand Models
Consumer behaviour
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: This study attempts to provide a rational suggestion for creating a useful theory of decision making via a qualitative review of the “grand models” of consumer behavior and then applying this theory to conference decision-making context. During past three decades many consumer behavior theories and models have been developed and become prominent research topics in various fields of consumer science. These models, labeled the “grand models” of consumer decision-making which tend to describe the process of proceeding throughout a major buying decision as a rational problem solving approach. However, objections against use of grand models have been expressed since their introduction. The main objective of this research is to challenge these criticisms and prove that grand models are properly applicable in the context of conference decision-making based on logical discussions. Considering the fact that international convention market is growing rapidly and is attracting huge number of attendees every year, therefore the development of a reliable theory for understanding conference attendees’ behavior is not only a matter of purely academic interest but also a possible contribution to convention tourism marketing practice.
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