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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020The state of mobile learning supported by gamification and augmented reality in higher education institutions across three continentsDurão, Natércia; Moreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Annamalai, Nagaletchimee
2020Mobile learning in higher education: a bibliometric reviewSobral, Sónia Rolland
2020Analysis of students performance in a higher education institution - conditioning factors and new strategies: an approach based on business intelligencePereira, J.; Seruca, Isabel; Lopes, Filomena Castro
2020The Soft Skills Inventory: developmental procedures and psychometric analysisJardim, Jacinto; Pereira, Anabela; Vagos, Paula; Direito, Inês; Galinha, Sónia
23-Jul-2021Teaching and Learning to Program: Umbrella Review of Introductory Programming in Higher EducationSobral, Sónia Rolland
18-Dec-2021Clustering Algorithm to Measure Student Assessment Accuracy: A Double StudySobral, Sónia Rolland; Oliveira, Catarina Félix de
4-Nov-2021How Does Learning Analytics Contribute to Prevent Students’ Dropout in Higher Education: A Systematic Literature ReviewOliveira, Catarina Félix de; Sobral, Sónia Rolland; Ferreira, Maria João; Moreira, Fernando
29-Mar-2021Higher Education Teachers Training (HET2) Model: Active learning in Higher Education environmentMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Escudero, David Fonseca; Collazos, Cesar; Gomes, Alex
31-May-2022The impact of distance learning on the teaching-learning process of mathematics In higher technical educationPereira, Liliana; Gomes, Sofia
16-Jun-2022TPS2 approach applied to requirements engineering curriculum courseMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Durão, Natércia; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Fonseca, David; Collazos, César A.; Gomes, Alex Sandro