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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2019Digital transformation to support literacy teaching to deaf Children: from storytelling to digital interactive storytellingFlórez-Aristizábal, Leandro; Cano, Sandra; Collazos, César A.; Benavides, Fernando; Moreira, Fernando; Fardoun, Habib M.
2019The gamification in the design of computational applications to support the autism treatments: an advance in the state of the artConstain, Gustavo Eduardo; Collazos, César A.; Moreira, Fernando
2018Designing collaborative strategies supporting literacy skills in children with cochlear implants using serious gamesCano, Sandra; Collazos, César A.; Aristizábal, Leandro Flórez; Moreira, Fernando; Peñeñory, Victor M.; Agredo, Vanessa
2018Using pervasive games as learning tools: a systematic reviewArango-López, Jeferson; Collazos, César A.; Gutiérrez Velas, Francisco Luis; Moreira, Fernando
2018Relación entre el U-Learning, aprendizaje conectivo y el estándar xAPI: Revisión sistemáticaRamirez, Gabriel; Collazos, César A.; Moreira, Fernando; Fardoun, Habib
May-2019CREANDO: Tool for creating pervasive games to increase the learning motivation in higher education studentsArango-López, Jeferson; Cerón Valdivieso, Carlos C.; Collazos, César A.; Gutiérrez Vela, Francisco Luis; Moreira, Fernando
2017Towards a methodology for user experience assessment of serious games with children with cochlear implantsCano, Sandra; Collazos, César A.; Aristizábal, Leandro Flórez; Gonzalez, Carina S.; Moreira, Fernando
2017All-Learning: The state of the art of the models and the methodologies educational with ICTRamirez, Gabriel M.; Collazos, César A.; Moreira, Fernando
2017Profile-oriented programming teaching to non-technical students: A case studyMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Collazos, César A.; Cano, Sandra
2017Relation between u-learning, connective learning, and standard xAPI: A systematic reviewRamirez, Gabriel M.; Collazos, César A.; Moreira, Fernando; González, Carina