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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017EHIS Method©: Entrepreneurship Human Interaction SkillsSousa, Cristina; Magalhães, Miguel; Lopes, Filomena Castro; Fernandes, Sandra; Costa-Lobo, Cristina
2015Supervision and appraisal of Foreign Language Teachers' performance.Vinhais, Paula; Abelha, Marta
23-Nov-2017Freedom, security and justice area and the European Arrest Warrant: when (no) mutual trust on the conditions of detention justifies their non-implementationAlves, Dora Resende; Pacheco, Fátima
2017Urban landscape and tourism in the Historic Centre of Porto: The perception of residentsFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Marques, Jorge; Ribeiro, Susana; Yasar, Sidal
24-Oct-2017O sistema institucional, jurídico e jurisdicional da União EuropeiaAlves, Dora Resende
Nov-2015Portuguese airport efficiency analysis: The case study of OportoDos-Santos, Maria José Palma Lampreia; Mendes-Ribeiro, Mafalda; Andrés-Marques, Isabel
2015Effect(s) of teacher evaluation on collaborative practices: induction or inhibition?Marcos, Ana; Machado, Eusébio; Abelha, Marta
Nov-2017Competencies of the school director: perspectives of project coordinatorsMachado, Eusébio; Machado, Carolina; Abelha, Marta; Albuquerque, Ana
2016Experimental projects as learning sttings for system building in sustainability transitions: The case of marine renewable energiesFontes, Margarida; Bento, Nuno; Sousa, Cristina
2014Environmental and economic attitudes from visitors of Mediterranean GeoparksDos-Santos, Maria José Palma Lampreia; Andres-Marques, Isabel; Mendes-Ribeiro, Mafalda