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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Mobile learning with gamification and augmented reality in portuguese high educationMoreira, Fernando; Durão, Natércia; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Ferreira, Maria João
2017Mobile learning in Portuguese universities: Are professors ready? Recent advances in information systems and technologiesMoreira, Fernando; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Durão, Natércia; Ferreira, Maria João
2017Digital transformation a new challenge for higher education: A curriculum proposalMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Seruca, Isabel
2017Teaching and learning modelling and specification based on mobile devices and cloudMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João
2017Organizational training within digital transformation: The ToOW modelFerreira, Maria João; Moreira, Fernando; Seruca, Isabel
2017Profile-oriented programming teaching to non-technical students: A case studyMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Collazos, César A.; Cano, Sandra
2018Learning ecosystem for higher education disruption: A new approach proposal based on blended active learning techniquesMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Cardoso, Abílio; Gomes, Alex Sandro; Collazos, César A.
2019What contribution by the new technologies in the right to education?: An institutional European approachSilva, Maria Manuela Magalhães; Alves, Dora Resende; Ferreira, Maria João
2019Digital transformation at high education: are professors of the South European and South American countries prepared for that?Ferreira, Maria João; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Moreira, Fernando; Durão, Natércia
2018Eclectic approach applied to data transformation curriculum courseMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Cardoso, Abílio