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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A rede social Facebook enquanto ferramenta de suporte ao ensino colaborativo/cooperativo.Garcia, Luís Manuel Mendes; Ferreira, Maria João
2014Ensino da elicitação de requisitos suportados pelo modelo blended mobile learning: mobilidade e cloudFerreira, Maria João; Moreira, Fernando
2013A blended mobile learning context oriented model in a cloud environment applied to a RE course.Moreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João
2010A Blended Mobile Learning Model-Context Oriented (BML-CO).Moreira, Fernando; Sobral, Sónia Rolland; Ferreira, Maria João
2011Modelo Blended Mobile Learning orientado ao contexto aplicado ao ensino de redes de computadores.Moreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João
2011O Facebook como Ferramenta de Suporte ao Ensino Colaborativo/Cooperativo: proposta de um Modelo.Garcia, Luís; Ferreira, Maria João
2014A traditional organization towards a new dimension of labour: social business.Ferreira, Maria João; Moreira, Fernando; Seruca, Isabel
2015Profile-oriented algorithms teaching: a proposed methodologyMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João
3-Nov-2012Exploring Integration Issues in A Blended Mobile Learning Model context oriented applied to a Requirement Engineering course – Mobility, Context And CloudMoreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João
2011Work in progress: A blended mobile learning context oriented model applied to an information systems undergraduate degree curriculum.Moreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João