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Title: On the openness of desire: Meaning-construction and dialogical processes in the swing experience
Authors: Jesus, Paulo Renato
Keywords: Swing sexual style
Swing experience
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Jesus, P. r. (2010). On the openness of desire: meaning-construction and dialogical processes in the swing experience. Sexologies: Revue Européenne de Santé Sexuelle / European Journal of Sexual Health, 19, Supplement 1, 51-52.
Abstract: Objective The main purpose of the research project here presented consists in analyzing, contrasting and interpreting the self-narrative accounts produced by couples when describing and assessing their unique experience of becoming swingers. This entails a psycho-semiotic approach in order to map the range of differential and common motives as well as the narrative patterns that seem to configure - within a given couple - the adoption of the swing sexual style. Our analysis focuses on the specificity and multiplicity of the male and female's voices so as to disclose the dialogical play through which the representation of desire is continuously co-constructed.
Description: European Journal of Sexology and Sexual Health (Abstracts of the 10th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology), 2010, vol. 19, 51-52., Porto, Portugal.
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