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Title: Le Je pense comme facteur de vérité: Adéquation, cohérence et communauté sémantique
Authors: Jesus, Paulo Renato
Keywords: "I think"
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Jesus, P. (2010). Le Je pense comme facteur de vérité: adéquation, cohérence et communauté sémantique. Kant-Studien, 101(2), 167–188, 0022-8877. DOI: 10.1515/kant.2010.012.
Abstract: Abstract: This article proposes a reading of the Kantian transcendental apperception that attempts both to reinforce the cognitive efficacy of its spontaneity (described as poetics of the self) and to determine the modus operandi of its unifying function (described as self-regu- lated cognition). Thus, being irreducible to a pure logical form (or form of representation in general), the I think is meant to constitute the qualitative unity of all possible represen- tational system, insofar as it performs an infinite process of semantic or narrative unifi- cation. From this standpoint, the I think denotes the key operation that produces meaning, and thereby the very possibility of truth. It follows, from such a framework of a procedural and constructivist theory of truth, the absolute primacy of the establishment of a semantic community by and under the Self. This community lays the foundation of coherence or organic cohesion of contents, and coherence provides the ground where correspondence emerges, which, in the last analysis, expresses nothing but the ever unfinished agreement of donation and action, agreement of Self with Itself.
ISSN: 0022-8877
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