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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An analysis of online reviews by language groups: The case of hotels in Porto, Portugal.Pacheco, Luís Miguel
2013Competition and diversification in public and private higher education.Teixeira, Pedro; Rocha, Vera; Biscaia, Ricardo; Cardoso, Margarida Fonseca
Jun-2014Valoración inmobiliaria: Aplicación del método de rentas en los municipios portuguesesMoreira, Antonio Carrizo; Tavares, Fernando Oliveira; Pereira, Elisabeth Teixeira
2014The Portuguese residential real estate market: An evaluation of the last decadeTavares, Fernando Oliveira; Pereira, Elisabeth Teixeira; Moreira, António Carrizo
2017Bedsides healthcare rationing dilemmas: A survey from Bulgaria and comparison with PortugalPinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana Pinto; Zahariev, Boyan
Nov-2017Contabilidade Angolana e Portuguesa:Tavares, Fernando António de Oliveira, orientador científico; Benjamim, António
Jul-2016Capital structure and internationalization: The case of Portuguese industrial SMEs.Pacheco, Luís Miguel
27-Apr-2016Análise do retorno do investimento efetuado na promoção turística (2007-2014).Tavares, Fernando Oliveira, orientador científico; Moura, Carlos Manuel Marrana Serra e
2015Should we start worrying? Mass higher education, skill demand and the increasingly complex landscape of young graduates’ employment.Figueiredo, Hugo; Biscaia, Ricardo; Rocha, Vera; Teixeira, Pedro
2012Moody’s credit ratings and the stock market performance of Portuguese rated firms.Pacheco, Luís Miguel