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Title: Ecotourism as a tool for local sustainable development: The case of Burren, Ireland
Authors: Ramazanova, Makhabbat
Tortella, Bartolomé Deyá
Kakabayev, Anuarbek
Bulai, Mihai
Keywords: Ecotourism
Sustainable development
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2018
Publisher: Universității Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iași
Citation: Ramazanova, M., Tortella, B. D., Kakabayev, D., & Bulai, M. (2018). Ecotourism as a tool for local sustainable development: The case of Burren, Ireland. Lucrările Seminarului Geografic Dimitrie Cantemir, 46(2), 109-118. doi: 10.15551/lsgdc.v46i2.08. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: Ireland’s environment is a key resource in the tourism sector. Burren area in Ireland is becoming an increasingly popular destination, with both international and domestic travellers, where ecotourism is the main activity contributing to the development of the area. Considering this, it is becoming essential to better understand how ecotourism affects the lives of local people from economic and social perspectives, as well as the environment. Thus, this study aims to examine ecotourism development in the Burren and its contribution to local sustainable development. It presents the interview results with the key experts in ecotourism and recommendations towards sustainable development of the region. Furthermore, core indicators of sustainable tourism have been used to assess economic, social and environmental sustainability of the area.
ISSN: 1222-989X
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