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Title: Para uma bibliografia da cidade do Porto.
Authors: Freitas, Isabel Vaz de
Braga, Ana Maria Nóbrega de Oliveira
Keywords: Porto (Cidade)
Bibliografia (Porto)
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Universidade Portucalense
Citation: Freitas, I.V., & Braga, A.M.N. (2002). Para uma bibliografia da cidade do Porto. Revista Ciências Históricas, vol. 17, 7-122.
Abstract: Over time, the city of Porto has been the object of a wide reflection and investigation of various sets of problems that surround it have been undertaken. This work gave rise to a vast bibliographic production about the city. It therefore seems that the publication of a work tool of bibliographic reference can be of great utility to all those who, one way or another, devote themselves to its study. The methodology used for gathering information was founded on information reaped from catalogues belonging to the National Library of Lisbon as well as from other bibliographic reports.
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