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dc.contributor.authorMesquita, Anabela-
dc.contributor.authorMoreira, Fernando-
dc.contributor.authorPeres, Paula-
dc.identifier.citationMesquita, A., Moreira, F., & Peres, P. (2017). The future of higher education: Students’ views about challenges promoted by technologies. In Á. Rocha, A. Correia, H. Adeli, L. Reis , & S. Costanzo (Eds.), Recent Advances in Information Systems and Technologies, WorldCIST 2017. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (vol. 571, pp. 361-370). Disponível no Repositório UPT,
dc.description.abstractHigher education institutions are, at this moment, receiving students known as digital natives. These persons are highly technological and lack the patience to be co-enrolled in a traditional classroom. Taking into consideration these characteristics it is necessary to propose an educational reform to allow an immersion, interaction, or critical thinking. With the purpose to study these factors we asked ourselves some questions: “Is higher education taking into consideration the needs and expectations of the students regarding the use of technologies?”; “Are technologies being used in the classroom?”; “Are teachers using them?” and if not, why? In this paper we present a study done with students, from different programme of studies, and where we try to contribute to the discussion of the questions formulated before.pt_PT
dc.subjectHigher education institutionspt_PT
dc.subjectDigital nativespt_PT
dc.subjectGeneration Zpt_PT
dc.subjectTechnologies Educationpt_PT
dc.titleThe future of higher education: Students’ views about challenges promoted by technologiespt_PT
degois.publication.titleTrends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologiespt_PT
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