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Title: A methodological proposal for building conservation: A case in Guimarães, world heritage city
Authors: Freitas, Isabel Vaz de
Cortés, Ricardo Erasun
Leite, Paulo Pereira
Keywords: Building
World heritage
Historical cities
Cultural values
Historical values
Urban landscape
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation: Freitas, I V., Cortés, R. E., & Leite, P. P. (2018). A methodological proposal for building conservation: A case in Guimarães, world heritage city. In S. Srivastava (ed.), Conservation and Promotion of Heritage Tourism (pp. 57-86). Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: Guimarães is a Portuguese medieval town classified as a World Heritage. The main goals of this chapter are to analyze the organic and dynamic passage of time, and prepare a study and an historic landscape analysis. Intend to capture the time passage in the perspective of a city as a construction of an aggregation of elements and multiple layers. It is questioned what changes occurred from the generational passage in the building, considered here as a case study, and what implications for the structure of the urban mesh. Historical documental sources were analyzed and a structural examination by photography design was carried out from an analysis of the constructive, artistic and the architectural structure of this house. The historic documental references were the support of the operational analysis that permits crossing data from the end of the Middle Ages until our days.
ISBN: 9781522562832
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