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Title: Unification in the Field of Property Law from the Perspective of Europ
Authors: Caramelo-Gomes, José
Keywords: European Law
Private law
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Sellier: European Law Publisher
Citation: Caramelo-Gomes, J. (2008). Unification in the Field of Property Law from the Perspective of European Law. In W. Faber, & B. Lurger (eds.), Rules for the transfer of movables: A Candidate for European Harmonization or National Reform (pp. 155-160). Salzburgo: Sellier: European Law Publisher. ISBN 978-3-86653-060-7. Disponível no Repositório da UPT:
Description: The European Commission and the European Parliament have, back in 1998, called for reports about the “European Civil Code”. The European Community Council has stressed its interest in this project in 1999 at the European Council of Tampere. This concern was not at all new, as in 1989 the European Parliament adopted a Resolution1 aiming that a start be made on the necessary preparatory work for the drawing up of a Common European Code of Private Law. Later, in 1994, it adopted a new resolution, asking the Lando Commission to draft a set of Principles of European Contract Law (hereinafter PECL).2 This commission embodied the first effort aiming to harmonize civil law within the EC and was created in 1982 by Ole Lando. It was a non-governmental body of lawyers and academics and it started by drafting a set of Principles of European Contract Law (PECL). [...]
ISBN: 978-3-86653-060-7
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