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Title: Legal and contractual implications of the e-Work and e-business: Legal research project
Authors: Caramelo-Gomes, José
Keywords: e-Work
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Caramelo-Gomes, J. (2002). Legal and contractual implications of the e-Work and e-business: Legal research project. In Procedings of the E-EUChina Conference, Beijing, PRC, 2001. Disponível no Repositório UPT,
Abstract: This paper summarizes the results and findings of two consecutive legal research projects and launches a third legal research project. The first, Victori@ was developed under the ADAPT initiative, and the second, the eLPS project (eLegal Problems Survey) is a joint initiative of the Universidade Moderna in Setubal and the University of Salford, in the UK. The first project produced a legal guide for the e- Worker, eEmployer and e-Businessman in Portugal and the second project aims to deepen some of the basic concepts introduced in the Victory@ project and to analyse some of its findings in specific contexts. The findings of both projects are the basis for a new legal research project the eLegal-China, aiming to survey the Chinese legal framework for e- Work and e-Business.
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