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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-May-2022Analysis of the consumer behaviour regarding the use of online food delivery apps during Covid-19 sanitary restrictions in PortugalAlbuquerque, Helena; Ramazanova, Makhabbat; Borges, Isabel; Silva, Maria de Fátima; Marques, Jorge
1-Jan-2022Analysis of the use of digital technologies in the tourism sector: Evidence from KazakhstanRamazanova, Makhabbat; Ibragimov, Khusen; Saspugayeva, Gulnur
2021Determinants of water consumption in tourism lodging sector: The case of kazakhstanRamazanova, Makhabbat; Deyá Tortella, Bartolomé; Tirado, Dolores; Kakabayev, Anuarbek
5-Oct-2018Ecotourism as a tool for local sustainable development: The case of Burren, IrelandRamazanova, Makhabbat; Tortella, Bartolomé Deyá; Kakabayev, Anuarbek; Bulai, Mihai
Sep-2019Effects of tourism development on surface area of main lakes of Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort area, KazakhstanRamazanova, Makhabbat; Bulai, Mihai; Ursu, Adrian; Tortella, Bartolomé Deyá; Kakabayev, Anuarbek
Oct-2021Feeling a historic city: Porto landscape through the eyes of residents and visitorsFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Sousa, Cristina; Ramazanova, Makhabbat; Albuquerque, Helena
28-May-2020Historical landscape monitoring through residents’ perceptions for tourism: the World Heritage Porto CityFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Sousa, Cristina; Ramazanova, Makhabbat
2016Integrated Water Cycle Management: а multilingual glossaryRamazanova, Makhabbat
2021Landscape smells and intangible heritage: the Porto cityRamazanova, Makhabbat; Freitas, Isabel Vaz de
May-2022Preserving ritual food as intangible cultural heritage through digitisation: the case of PortugalRamazanova, Makhabbat; Lopes, Cristina; Albuquerque, Helena; Freitas, Isabel Vaz de; Quintela, Joana; Remelgado, Patrícia
2018Sustainable tourism indicators as tools for a destination developmentRamazanova, Makhabbat; Bolatbekov, Argyn
2020Tourism and water resources: interrelationships and consequences: the case of KazakhstanRamazanova, Makhabbat
2019Tourism development in KazakhstanRamazanova, Makhabbat; Tortella, Bartolomé Deyá; Kakabayev, Anuarbek
May-2022Traditional wine landscape as a rural heritage: portuguese verde wine vineyardsFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Ramazanova, Makhabbat; Albuquerque, Helena; Soares, Plínio
2020Water and the city: Valorising Guimarães water heritage for tourismRamazanova, Makhabbat; Freitas, Isabel Vaz de
2017Water and tourism: The case of the Balearic IslandTortella, Deyá Bartolomeu; Bennasar, Dolores Tirado; Ramazanova, Makhabbat
2020Water conservation in the urban landscape through heritage and capacity building: the case of Guimarães, PortugalFreitas, Isabel Vaz de; Ramazanova, Makhabbat; Erasun Cortés, Ricardo; Leite, Paulo Pereira
2019Water quality of the lakes: Consequences of tourism developmentRamazanova, Makhabbat; Tortella, Bartolomé Deyá; Kakabayev, Anuarbek; Bulai, Mihai
2022Wellness Tourism Experience on the Rise Post COVID: Behavioural Demand Trends and ExpectationsHekmat, Nasim; Ramazanova, Makhabbat; Marques, Jorge; Quintela, Joana
May-2022Wellness tourism from consumers' perspective: An exploratory analysisHakmat, Nasim; Marques, Jorge; Quintela, Joana; Ramazanova, Makhabbat