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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Oct-2018Attitudes of health professionals concerning bedside rationing dilemas: A survey from PortugalPinho, Micaela; Veiga, Pedro
2009Avaliação de custo-utilidade como mecanismo de alocação de recursos em saúde: Revisão do debatePinho, Micaela; Veiga, Paula Alexandra Correia Veloso
19-Apr-2018Bedside healthcare rationing dilemmas: A survey from CroatiaPinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana; Petricevic, Duje
2015Bedside healthcare rationing dilemmas: A survey from Portugal.Pinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana
2017Bedsides healthcare rationing dilemmas: A survey from Bulgaria and comparison with PortugalPinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana Pinto; Zahariev, Boyan
2019Business tourism in Porto: An empirical investigation of its potentialities and development challengesPinho, Micaela; Marques, Jorge
Feb-2020Can mass media be an obstacle to rationing decisions? A case report from PortugalPinho, Micaela; Costa, Eva Dias
7-May-2020Collaborative research to enhance a business tourism destination: a case study from PortoMarques, Jorge; Pinho, Micaela
2016Comparing professional and non professionals views about equity efficiency tradeoffs in healthcare rationing.Pinho, Micaela
May-2017Do healthcare professionals have different views about healthcare rationing than college students? A mixed methods study in PortugalPinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana Pinto; Cookson, Richard
15-Jun-2020Does implicit healthcare rationing impose an unfair legal burden on doctors? A study of Portuguese jurisprudenceCosta, Eva Dias; Pinho, Micaela
Sep-2018Economic decisions on who to treat when resources are not enough for everyone: evidence from a Spanish surveyPinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana Pinto
2014Ethical principles of justice in microallocation healthcare resources.Pinho, Micaela
2015Ethical principles of justice in microallocation healthcare resources.Pinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana; Cookson, Richard
2008Fórum: Racionamento dos Cuidados de Saúde: IntroduçãoPinho, Micaela
2008Fórum: Racionamento dos cuidados de saúde: Problemática inerentePinho, Micaela
2021Healthcare professionals' attitudes concerning prioritisation decisions: a quali-quantitative analysis in AngolaPinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana Pinto
2019Holding individuals accountable for engaging in harmful health behaviours when managing scarce resources: Yes or not really?Pinho, Micaela; Borges, Ana Pinto
Apr-2018Inference procedures to quantify the efficiency-equality trade-off in health from stated preferences: a case study in PortugalPinho, Micaela; Botelho, Anabela
13-Apr-2020Prescribers’ and dispensers’ views about generic medicines and international non-proprietary name prescribing: a mixed methods study in PortugalPinho, Micaela