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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-May-2022Challenges on digital destination campaigns in tourism during Covid19 pandemic crisis: The case of Portugal National Tourism AuthorityNogueira, Sónia
2014Examining tourism stakeholder networks and relationship quality: The specific case of Peneda Gerês National Park (PNPG)Nogueira, Sónia; Pinho, Carlos
2022Governance issues in protected areas: The case of Peneda-Gerês National ParkNogueira, Sónia; Jayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Silvia Ferreira
Jan-2020Integrating stakeholder and network theory : The specific case of wild national park rural tourismNogueira, Sónia; Pinho, Carlos
12-Oct-2020Semiótica e e-branding em comunicação de turismo: Estudo das capas de revistas digitais no período pandémico Covid-19Machado, Annaelise; Nogueira, Sónia; Sousa, Bruno
2-Jan-2014Stakeholder network integrated analysis: The specific case of rural tourism in the Portuguese Peneda-Gerês National ParkNogueira, Sónia; Carlos, Pinho
24-Jun-2022The Application of a Generational Approach to the Marketing Management of Gerês-Xurés Cross-Border Park (Portugal and Spain)Nogueira, Sónia; Luís, Maria Emília
Jun-2020The impact of sustainable marketing techniques adoption on the global marketing strategy in car dealers from district of Porto – Northern PortugalGomes, José Pedro Loureiro; Nogueira, Sónia
2020The Importance of A Green Marketing Strategy in Brand Communication: M. Coutinho Multi-Brand Car Dealer Case in Northern PortugalNogueira, Sónia
17-Nov-2021The importance of opinion leaders and Social Networking on destination brand development: The case study of discover Melgaço brandNogueira, Sónia; Xavier, Gysele; Vareiro, Laurentina
8-Aug-2022Unlocking the dichotomy of place identity/place image and its impact on place satisfaction for ecotourism destinationsNogueira, Sónia; Carvalho, João M. S.