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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Comparando el enfoque docente para una materia de programación en centros universitarios con colaboración internacional.Pérez-Sánchez, Beatriz; Morais, Paula
2006Developing a model for linking knowledge management systems and intellectual capital measurement.Pinto, Mário Paulo; Lopes, Filomena Castro; Morais, Paula
2018Developing higher education institutions as effective learning communities: Approaches, practices and policy levers at one Portuguese universityJesus-Silva, Natacha; Morais, Paula; Caramelo-Gomes, José; Costa-Lobo, Cristina
2013Diagnosis of the use of Web 2.0: tools in the portuguese financial institutions.Sousa, César; Morais, Paula
2005A framework for characterizing knowledge management systems.Pinto, Mário Paulo; Lopes, Filomena Castro; Morais, Paula
2019Implementing a Business Information System to improve the quality assurance mechanisms in a Portuguese higher education institutionMorais, Paula; Lopes, Filomena Castro
2010Information management and knowledge management: are portuguese organizations feeling the difference?Lopes, Filomena Castro; Morais, Paula
20-Nov-2016Learning data structures: Same difficulties in different countries?Pérez-Sánchez, Beatriz; Morais, Paula
2014MOODLE: Ten years @ Universidade Portucalense.Sobral, Sónia Rolland; Morais, Paula
2018Social responsibility and career education: An international case studyCosta-Lobo, Cristina; Formosinho, Maria das Dores; Morais, Paula; Caramelo-Gomes, José; Menezes, José; Jesus-Silva, Natacha; Campina, Ana
2015Specific requirements of human resources in the IT sector in Portugal.Baldaque, Alexandra; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Azevedo, Casimiro; Costa-Lobo, Cristina; Lopes, Filomena Castro; Morais, Paula
2001TAXSI: taxionomia de sistemas informáticos.Morais, Paula
2019O teu mestre: A distance learning platform (results)Azevedo, Daniel; Morais, Paula
Jun-2018The Centre for Excellence in Teaching (CET) at Portucalense University: goals, strategies and expected outcomesFernandes, Sandra; Morais, Paula; Mesquita, Diana; Abelha, Marta; Fernandes, Sara; Albuquerque, Ana Sílvia
2017Transitions from higher education to labour market: Observatory of internships in business organizationsMagalhães, Miguel; Morais, Paula; Lopes, Filomena Castro; Freitas, Isabel Vaz de; Fernandes, Sandra; Costa-Lobo, Cristina