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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Conceptual foundations of entrepreneurial strategy: A systematic literature reviewBranco, Lídia; Ferreira, João; Jayantilal, Shital
2021Control and organizational culture: Goal alignmentJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, S. F.
13-Apr-2022Cultural alignment and intergenerational succession in family firms: a game-theoretical experimentJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Lourenço, Diogo; Botelho, Anabela; Bañegil, Tomás M.
2015Cultural dimension of Indian family firms: Impact on Successor SelectionJayantilal, Shital; Bañegil Palacios, Tomás M.; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira
13-Nov-2021Digital Transformation and Strategic Management: a Systematic Review of the LiteratureRêgo, Bruno Siano; Jayantilal, Shital; Ferreira, João J.; Carayannis, Elias G.
2016Effects of sibling competition on family firm succession: a game theory approachJayantilal, Shital; Bañegil Palacios, Tomás M.; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira
2018Empresas familiares da Região Norte: Mapeamento, retratos e testemunhosJayantilal, Shital; Marques, Ana Paula
2019First mover advantage on family firm successionJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Bañegil Palacios, Tomás M.
2016Founders’ approach on successor selection: Game theory analysisJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Bañegil Palacios, Tomás M.
Jun-2020Game theory in business: application to succession in family firmsJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Bañegil Palácios, Tomás
2022Governance issues in protected areas: The case of Peneda-Gerês National ParkNogueira, Sónia; Jayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Silvia Ferreira
2019How the Portuguese footwear industry became a global leader: The role of technological innovationJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Monteiro, Mónica
2018International new ventures: The importance of competences, expertise and networks – additional problems for family firms?Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Maldonado, Isabel; Jayantilal, Shital
2016La teoria de juegos y la sucesión en las empresas familiaresBañegil Palacios, Tomás M., orientador científico; Jorge, Sílvia Luís Teixeira Pinto Ferreira, orientador científico; Jayantilal, Shital
2018New methodologies for bioenergy decision plan under Circular Economy business models: real options and game theory approachesJorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Jayantilal, Shital; Costa, Joana
Aug-2020Novel methodologies to explain SMES’ internationalisationJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Aldeia, Susana
2020Paternalism in family firms’ successor selectionJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Bañegil Palacios, Tomás M
19-Mar-2021Playing the succession game to ensure family business continuityJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia; Bañegil Palacios, Tomas M.
2017Portuguese anti-money laundering policy: A game theory approachJayantilal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia Ferreira; Ferreira, Ana Teresa
2016Successor Selection in family firmsJayantilal, Shital