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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Alternative ways of addressing philosophy for children.Reis, Carlos Sousa; Formosinho, Maria
2013Crise na educação: dilemas e desafiosFormosinho, Maria
2007Desafios a uma teoria da educação na pós-modernidade.Formosinho, Maria
2013Desafios metamodernos da filosofia da educaçãoReis, Carlos Sousa; Formosinho, Maria
2013Education sciences: towards a theorical rebirth beyond reductonisms.Formosinho, Maria; Reis, Carlos; Jesus, Paulo Renato Cardoso de
2016Emancipatory and Critical Language Education: A Plea for Translingual Possible Selves and WorldsFormosinho, Maria; Jesus, Paulo Renato; Reis, Carlos
2014Entrepreneurship education and problem bases learning.Reis, Carlos Sousa; Formosinho, Maria; Ferreira, Eduarda
2014Higher education in Portugal: From expansion to quality assessmentReis, Carlos Sousa; Formosinho, Maria; Costa-Lobo, Cristina
2013Los valores y la crisis en la educaciónFormosinho, Maria; Boavida, João
2012Obtención del testimonio y evaluación de la credibilidad.Vilariño Vasquez, Manuel; Formosinho, Maria; Jesus, Paulo Renato Cardoso de
2015Rescuing the ghost from the machine: towards responsive education, not explanatory machinery systemsReis, Carlos; Formosinho, Maria; Jesus, Paulo Renato
2014Revisiting the foundations of constructivim: the ethical and theological groundwork of Paiget’s early psychopedagogical thought.Formosinho, Maria; Day, James M.; Jesus, Paulo Renato
2011Risk-taking in youth culture as a ritual process.Jesus, Paulo Renato Cardoso de; Formosinho, Maria; Damião, Maria Helena
2014Science legitimacy and the postmodern condition of knowledge.Formosinho, Maria; Formosinho, Sebastião; Reis, Carlos Sousa