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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Are assortment variety and stock-failures management in Hypermarkets and Supermarkets an important factor for consumers to develop a store-type preference, willing to come back and continue to buy?Faria, Sílvia; Ferreira, Pedro; Carvalho, Victor
Oct-2019Brand love as mediator of the brand experience-satisfaction-loyalty relationship in a retail fashion brandFerreira, Pedro; Rodrigues, Paula; Rodrigues, Pedro
2017Choice of mandatory prescribed drugs in Portugal: A consumers’ perspectiveFerreira, Pedro; Barbosa, Hugo
16-Dec-2020Employee engagement in tourism: A generational study of european countriesFerreira, Pedro
Sep-2018Employer brand building from the inside-out: how employer values contribute to employee engagementFerreira, Pedro
2018Engagement as an antecedent of the satisfaction-performance relation: A study with line managersFerreira, Pedro; Rodrigues, Paula
May-2017Is love online or offline? Brand experience, brand love and brand equity in a fashion retail storeRodrigues, Paula; Ferreira, Pedro; Rodrigues, Pedro; Costa, Paula
2014Is there a European convergence in HRM practices? A cluster analysis of the high-performance paradigm across 31 countriesFerreira, Pedro
Sep-2017Mapping social responsible practices in Portuguese SMEFerreira, Pedro; Gabriel, Carla
2015Marketing a Preto e BrancoFerreira, Pedro; Real de Oliveira, Elizabeth
2014Métodos de Investigação: da interrogação à descoberta científicaReal de Oliveira, Elizabeth; Ferreira, Pedro
2014Price and corporate social responsibility: The consumers’ perspectiveFerreira, Pedro; Real, Elizabeth
Feb-2019Social responsible practices in Portuguese SME’sFerreira, Pedro; Gabriel, Carla
Oct-2015The Role of Employer Branding on Attracting, Developing and Retaining Talent: The Case of a Leading Portuguese Business GroupArriscado, Paula; Ferreira, Pedro; Sousa, Bianca; Quesado, Helena
2017The role of employer branding on attracting, developing and retaining talent: The case of a leading Portuguese business groupSousa, Bianca; Arriscado, Paula; Ferreira, Pedro; Quesado, Helena
Jun-2012The strategic approach to the high-performance paradigm: a European perspectiveFerreira, Pedro; Neira, Isabel; Vieira, Elvira
Jun-2017What do I have to do to make you love me? Brand experience as an antecedent of brand love in a retail fashion brandFerreira, Pedro; Rodrigues, Paula; Rodrigues, Pedro
Mar-2020What if employees brought their life to work? The relation of life satisfaction and work engagementFerreira, Pedro; Gabriel, Carla; Faria, Sílvia; Rodrigues, Pedro; Pereira, Manuel