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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A auto-regulamentação da actividade seguradora na União EuropeiaCaramelo-Gomes, José
1995O Contencioso dos auxílios de estadoCaramelo-Gomes, José
2002Contrato de seguro e tecnologias de informaçãoCaramelo-Gomes, José
2018Developing higher education institutions as effective learning communities: approaches, practices and policy levers at one portuguese universityJesus-Silva, Natacha; Morais, Paula; Caramelo-Gomes, José; Costa-Lobo, Cristina
Dec-2016Flexicurity or Flexicarity? A Portuguese OverviewBessa-Vilela, Noémia; Caramelo-Gomes, José; Jesus-Silva, Natacha
2005Globalização do Mercado SeguradorCaramelo-Gomes, José
2008Good faith acquisition: Why at all?Caramelo-Gomes, José
2002Legal and contractual implications of the e-Work and e-business: Legal research projectCaramelo-Gomes, José
2018Metodología del derecho comparado en Derechos HumanosCaramelo-Gomes, José; Silva, Maria Manuela Magalhães
2009Plato revisited: E-direct democracy in the knowledge societyCaramelo-Gomes, José; Abreu, Cristina de
2014Portugal: Simplification of debt collection in Portugal: National and EU perspectiveCaramelo-Gomes, José; Mimoso, Maria João; Bessa-Vilela, Noémia; Almeida, Cláudia Cordeiro
2016Quality in higher education: analysis and discussion of evaluative standards internal consistencyJesus-Silva, Natacha; Medeiros, A. A.; Caramelo-Gomes, José; Costa-Lobo, Cristina
2018Social responsibility and career education: An international case studyCosta-Lobo, Cristina; Formosinho, Maria das Dores; Morais, Paula; Caramelo-Gomes, José; Menezes, José; Jesus-Silva, Natacha; Campina, Ana
2003Teletrabalho, e-work, e-business e actividade seguradoraCaramelo-Gomes, José
2018The case study in learning lawMimoso, Maria João; Bravo, Bárbara Magalhães; Caramelo-Gomes, José
2003The Civil Law tradition: the Portuguese legal systemCaramelo-Gomes, José
2018The teaching of law post BolognaMimoso, Maria João; Bravo, Bárbara Magalhães; Caramelo-Gomes, José
2008Unification in the Field of Property Law from the Perspective of EuropCaramelo-Gomes, José
2015Valuing immovable cultural heritage as opportunity generator for the revival of local identity.Ivanc, Tjaša; Caramelo-Gomes, José